Agrofest 2024

The Barbados Fisheries Division recently participated in Agrofest: the National Agricultural Exhibition which took place from the 23rd-25th February 2024.  The division's booth highlighted several aspects of the fisheries sector including fish species, fishing gear, model fishing boats, and an aquaponics system developed by Adams Aquafarms. Videos highlighting the tuna offloading and packing process for export and different fishing methods were shown throughout the expo. The booth also promoted the Commercial Fishing Vessel Remarking Exercise, the upcoming summer internship programme and the Fisheries website.

Officers were present to explain the items on exhibition to interested persons visiting the booth including the President of Barbados. Patrons were also encouraged to identify 6 fish species caught in Barbados for a chance to win a flyingfish magic towel. The experience overall was quite good and a great opportunity for the division to promote its work.