Our mission is to ensure the optimum utilization of the fisheries resources in the waters of Barbados for the benefit of the people of Barbados through management and development.


Several government, non-governmental organisations, individuals and firms in the private sector are involved in the fisheries sector with various roles and responsibilities. These  have a stake or strong interest in the fishing industry and can therefore influence the development of the fisheries sector. Knowing what each group does, and how they relate to each other, makes it easier to understand the industry. This allows well-informed decisions, avoids unintended negative impacts on fisheries or other sectors, and informs how best to participate in the fisheries planning and management processes.

Government clients include:

  • Barbados Coast Guard,
  • Royal Barbados Police Force
  • International Transport (Maritime Affairs Section)
  • International Transport (Telecommunications Unit)
  • Barbados Port INC.
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Agriculture (Planning Unit)
Non-governmental organisations include:

  • Fishers
  • Boat owners
  • Processors
  • Fisherfolk organisations
  • Private sector marine equipment suppliers
  • Teachers, Students and others doing fisheries related research
Management Structure:


Chief Fisheries Officer:

Shelly-Ann Cox

Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer:

Christopher Parker

Principal Fisheries Assistant:

Gregory Franklin


Food Safety

Examination of plants and equipment for compliance with local and international food safety standards

Oversees maintenance of major fish landing sites


Collects fees for tractor haul up and launch, Pays bills, prepares requisitions for items to be purchased by the Fisheries Division


Performs research and data collection towards assessing the state of the various fisheries and suggests conservation and development methods


Registration of fisherfolk and vessels, performs inspection of fishing vessels in accordance with local and international standards, provides haul up and launch services for local fishing vessels.