Vessel Registration
Vessel Registration Form

Owner Must Submit the following documents: –

To register a local fishing vessel the owner must be a citizen of Barbados or have permanent resident status within the meaning of the Immigration Act.

1.  Application to Register a Local Fishing Vessel.

2.  Notification of Change of Ownership.

3.  Bill of Sale/ Receipt. (with a 10¢ Stamp affixed)

4.  Application for Registration as a Fisheries Worker.

5.  Passport, Barbados ID, TAMIS # and NIS cards.

6.  Any other document as required by CFO e.g.

- Deletion Certificate.

- Affidavit.

- Work Permit.

- Death Certificate.

- Proof of Citizenship.

Inspections will be scheduled as required.

Inspection: #1

The inspector will verify the existence of a hull and its condition and suitability for fishing.

The vessel is to be prepared for inspection in accordance with the Prescribed Standards as identified by CFO.

Inspection: #2

The inspector will assess the vessel’s compliance with the Prescribed Standards including the integrity of the hull, engine and propulsion systems, safety and navigational equipment.

Required Vessel Markings, Safety and Navigational Equipment for Class 1 Vessels - Length less than 6m (19.8ft)
MOSE & LAUNCHLength greater than 6m (19.8ft)
Required Vessel Markings, Safety and Navigational Equipment for Class 2 Vessels - Length greater than 6m (19.8ft) and less than 12m (39.4)
LAUNCH & ICEBOATLength less than 6m (19.8ft) and less than 12m (39.4)
Required Vessel Markings, Safety and Navigational Equipment for Class 3 Vessels - Length greater than 12m (39.4ft) and less than 24m (78.7ft)
LAUNCH & ICEBOATGreater than 12m (39.4ft) and less than 24m (78.7ft)
Owner Must Return to the Fisheries Division: –

To Sign the Vessel’s Registration Card

The CFO will issue -

1. Certificate of Registration

2. Owner’s Fishers ID card.

Inspection: #3

After Painting the Vessel’s Name & Registration Number on the hull of the vessel as Prescribed.

An Inspector will -

1.Verify that the Name and Registration # are painted on the hull as prescribed

2. Affix the DECAL to the vessel’s hull. DECAL

The vessel has completed the Inspection and Registration process only when Certificate of Registration is issued and the vessel’s name, registration number and the Inspection Decal are affixed to the vessel’s hull as prescribed.

The first Inspection Decal is affixed by a Fisheries Division Inspector. All other Inspection Decals must be collected by the Owner, Agent or Master of the vessel from the Fisheries Division and affixed to the vessel as Prescribed.