Harbouring Hope Operation Blue Recovery

The passage of Hurricane Beryl has dealt a blow to the fishing fleet of Barbados’ Fishing IndustryOn July 1st 2024, immense waves and the storm surge caused by the passage of Category 4 Hurricane Beryl to the South of Barbados resulted in the destruction of the infrastructure of the harbour of the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex.

In addition, the ferocious seas caused significant damage to over 200 vessels that were moored in what was considered to be one of the safest harbours for the fishing fleet in Barbados. The question is now how will this furious act of nature be used to catalyse a blue recovery for the fishing fleet?

Barbados’ people and those in the fishing industry are resilient. Hope is not lost and the fisherfolk and the wider community have the will and the ability to overcome this hurdle. Steps are beginning to a path towards recovery with climate resilience being built in at every stage.

On the road to a Blue Recovery - Tuesday, 9 July 2024. Photo credit: David Lewis (Caribbean Aerial Photography)

Photo and video credit: David Lewis (Caribbean Aerial Photography)