Fisherfolk at Six Mens Praised

Reposted from GIS Barbados

The Barbados Fisherfolk Festival started off with a bang last Saturday (8 June 2024), as the fishing community at Six Men’s hosted the first Fisherfolk Day for the month.

During the day, patrons participated in many ocean and land-based activities, including a Moses race, and flying fish boning and paddle boarding competitions. Fisherfolk who live in or ply their trade in the area were honoured and presented with awards.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Dr. Shelly-Ann Cox, lauded the Six Men’s community for its efforts in promoting the work of its fisherfolk, and for including the younger residents in the activities.

“There is an ageing population with our fisherfolk and we have to try engaging the youth. Events like the one here in Six Men’s is very important.

“There is a kids’ zone where we attract the kids, but they are also exposed to some of the fishing competitions and culture. They can see some of the fishermen getting awards for doing outstanding things and being exceptional fishermen and fisherwomen and enjoy the community-spirit building camaraderie,” she said.

Dr. Cox also alluded to the ongoing marine research being conducted, stating that it needs to be done in conjunction with “the traditional knowledge of our fisherfolk”.

“We have to band together especially now we are facing challenges like climate change, coral bleaching, increased sea surface temperatures, social issues, and we see a lot of coastal development going on and we are not sure in which direction it is heading, in terms of development for coastal regions in Barbados. So, we need to work with each other to make sure that the fisheries sector of Barbados is sustained,” she stated.

The festival will continue on Saturday, June 15, and Sunday, June 16, for the Weston Fisherfolk Day and the Consett Bay Fisherfolk Day, respectively. Further details may be obtained by following the Fisheries Division’s page on Instagram.