Sinking Operation Neptune Goddess

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, the Fisheries Division, Coastal Zone Management Unit, Marenco Ltd and partners (Barbados Port Inc, Barbados Coast Guard, Marine Police, Environmental Protection Department) coordinated the sinking operation for the abandoned fishing vessel M36, Neptune Goddess, 75 ft Steel Longliner.

The operation commenced at 830 AM on Wednesday morning when BARBADOS II met Neptune Goddess near the entrance of the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex and towed the vessel to Accra (13°04'14.4"N | 59°35'25.2"W).

Neptune Goddess was berthed in the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex and had not operated since 2001. After consulting with the Coastal Zone Management Unit and other agencies, the decision was made to use the vessel to create a diving attraction on the South Coast of the island.

This collaborative effort provides many benefits to Barbados including the creation of a submerged shipwreck which is the most common form of artificial reef. This new diving attraction will promote Barbados as a unique dive destination to increase foreign exchange and support blue economy development.

Photo and video credit: David Lewis, Caribbean Aerial Photography