Importation of a Vessel to be used for Commercial Fishing Activities

Fishing vessels operating in Barbadosare required by law to be registered with the Fisheries Division. This process involves the submission of documents as listed below.

Before consideration is given to the granting of duty and tax concessions on the importation of a vessel to be used for commercial fishing activities: -

  1. Notification of Entry of an Imported Vessel. (FD25)
  2. Application for Registration of a Local Fishing Vessel. (FD7)
  3. Application for Registration of a Fisheries Worker. (FD13)
  4. Owner’s proof of Barbadian nationality or citizenship or permanent resident’s status. (Passport & Barbados National Registration Card)
  5. The relevant invoices of procurement (Bill of Sale).
  6. A complete, up to date and signed Surveyors Report of the vessel.
  7. The original Certificate of Documentation of the vessel from the country of origin (USA).
  8. The deletion certificate of the vessel issued by the relevant authorities in the country of origin (The US Coast Guard documentation office).
  9. Completed Customs Declaration Form. (C63)
  10. A letter, addressed to the Comptroller of Customs requesting duty free concessions on the vessel.

The documents listed at 9 and 10 above, are necessary to clear the vessel from the port.  The Fisheries Division will inspect the vessel to ensure its compliance with the prescribed standards.

If the vessel is to be sailed to Barbados, the owner must apply to the Director of Maritime Affairs to have the vessel temporarily flagged.  All correspondence should be addressed to-

Director of Maritime Affairs

Ministry of International Transport

4th and 5th Floors, One Barbados Place, Warrens, St. Michael